LISA LAMUNYON | Distributor #2005336

Our journey becoming involved with Young Living has been a long and winding road. After being a stay at home mom for several years I reentered the corporate world as a software trainer for two Fortune 1000 companies. In both cases I gave my all for ten years each, was respected throughout the organizations and received numerous awards, recognition, promotions, and raises. And, in both cases when the economy took a downturn the training and support departments were the first to suffer cutbacks. Unfortunately, in the second case this happened at a time that I was quite ill. Ill to the point of becoming disabled and unable to reenter the traditional workforce. Coincidentally, about this time my husband was in a car vs. bicycle accident and was thrown off his bike and severely damaged his right shoulder -his left shoulder had been replaced just four years earlier. The accident resulted in my husband also becoming disabled. We went from both of us making solid six figure incomes to us both receiving disability benefits as our only income.

Fast forward a few years and I was talking to a friend about having had a few bad nights sleep. She shared with me that she had found that using essential oils had really helped her. I had never heard about essential oils and was intrigued. She introduced me to her Young Living distributor. After talking with the distributor, I decided to purchase the Premium Starter Kit in order to get a good sampling of oils at the best possible price and a diffuser. Not only did it help with my sleep, it worked like a charm, but they helped in so many other ways as well. I have occasional seasonal issues and found a three-oil combo that supports my need to keep my nose from running a 50 yard dash! I was so impressed with the effectiveness of the essential oils that I wanted to learn more about the “life blood” of the plants, trees, flowers and shrubs better known as essential oils.

The more I learned and used them the more impressed I became with the quality and versatility of Young Living and their essential oils and essential oil infused products. After introducing a few friends and family members to the natural chemical free options available through Young Living I realized, I’d started a business by accident. The best accident that ever happened to me. While starting the business was kind of an accident, it is NOW my passion to help others learn about Young Living and their wonderful products to help them live as toxin free as possible!

We’ve been working on the process of making our home a chemical free zone replacing harsh cleaning chemicals with safe, natural options available through Young Living. We’ve changed out personal care items like chemical laden shampoo and skin care as well as artificial vitamins and supplements with wholesome natural ones. We’ve all but eliminated prescription drug use from our home by replacing them with natural essential oil alternatives. The best part . . . I am sharing these same healthy, wholesome, environmentally friendly solutions with others improving the quality of their lives. Every day I get up excited to see what is in my email, in my Facebook, and what will be delivered to the front door. I look forward to talking to my Teammates and the first-time contacts that reach out for my help each day. Our Young Living life allows us to live our life’s commitment to . . . Give to Live

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